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Davao medical school foundation is one of the oldest and, without an exception, one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. Several years of education and research in the field of medicine have multiple implications for our faculty: tradition, experience, and a deep founded responsibility to conquer the incredible challenges that medicine of the 21st century presents.

The medical faculty has prepared itself for these challenges in multiple ways: the establishment of central scientific institutions, of focus points in research, and of internal promotion and support of innovative research groups. DMSF seeks to achieve its mission focusing through 3 main activities namely Instruction, Research and Extension. And all this taking place in a very enlivening and interactive environment.

It offers courses in Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, several graduate programs and lately Home Health Caregiver Course. It operates as a consortium made up of Ataneo de Davao University, the Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, and the development of people's Foundation, the San Pedro College and San Pedro Hospital.

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