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Davao Medical offers American system of medical education and the Primary Medical qualification is M.D. degree. This qualification is globally recognized including the Medical Council of India. The MD program of Philippines is an unique opportunity to students who have passed 12th standard or equivalent examinations to pursue medical education of International standards. The period of medical study in Philippines is 5 years and 4 months, inclusive of 1 year of premedical study.

The degree offered is MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. The course module is meticulously engineered that Indian students qualify the Pre – Medical (BS Bio accelerated Program) the pre requisite for the Medical studies (MD) in Philippines. Transworld facilitates easy entry procedures including visa applications processing to qualify the Pre- Medical (Bs Bio accelerated Program) the pre requisite for the Medical studies (MD) and continue the MD program.

Davao Medical School Foundation

Philippines has many unique advantages as a study abroad destination. And the medical schools here are well equipped and resourced. We have successfully placed hundreds of students into their various renowned education institutions in India and Philippines. Download

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Davao Medical School Foundation

Indian students with 50% of marks in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in 12th standard or equivalent examinations are eligible for admission. Students aspiring to pursue the medical education at Philippines should apply to Transworld for the preparatory course. They are expected to meet all the university admission requirements. They are also required to apply for the eligibility certificate as required by the MCI. The applications submitted are scrutinized and upon acceptance, a letter of Admission is issued.


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