Education Consultant For Overseas Medical

St. Johns EDUCARE is one of the most committed educational consultants offering true counselling for both domestic as well as international education in the field of medicine

ACADEMY YEAR 2019-2020



I Year ( At the time of Admission) - Rs.6,50,000/-

II Year - Rs.3,25,000/-

III Year - Rs.3,25,000/-

IV Year - Rs.3,25,000/-

V Year - Rs.3,25,000/-

Total - Rs.19,50,000/-


Hostel at Philippines - INR. 83,900/- Per Semester
(Including Food, Accommodation, Uniform,Overseas Medical Insurance, Educational and pleasure tours)

For Food & Accommodation (In Philippines) - PESOS 10,000/- Per month

For Ticket & Visa - INR. 1,25,000/-

  • education consultant for overseas medical

  • Overseas medical degrees are the most coveted as they arm you with specialized knowledge and access to latest technological innovations. There are number of educational consulting companies that help students to study abroad. An education consultant for overseas medical degree guides students as to how to get admission into medical colleges abroad.
  • These consultants play a role in delivering good education to students by referring them to top notch medical schools. An degree plays a vital role in guiding students who are planning to study abroad.
  • The degree places most focus on the students’ needs with the help of his widespread knowledge base. The degree is committed in offering counseling for international education in the field of medicine. They play a role in imparting expert ideas to students, understanding their needs and keeping them updated with information on admission processes. Guidance, counseling and advice are the most important services rendered to the students in making effective and crucial decisions to study abroad.
  • The degree chalks out a well-designed plan to help students choose their desired medical course, schools of their choice and accommodation during their study period. The education consultant for overseas medical degree helps in shaping a strong, successful and bright future for the students. Medical education abroad can be made affordable at the same time one can receive world class medical education.
  • It is wise to choose an education consultant for overseas medical degree with excellent credentials so that the aspiring student would receive value-based services. They must also provide simple and speedy application process. An education consultant for overseas medical degree will guide the student throughout the process, right from inception, through entrance and till admission.
  • A dedicated degree provides the students with proactive, informative and timely responsive services. It is important that the education consultant make the student aware of the courses offered by the school, the syllabus and the team of doctors who would handle the classes effectively.
  • Therefore, an education consultant for overseas medical degree’s role in a student’s life is crucial because he knows what best a student would need to know when the student chooses to study abroad. It is a very responsible and important role that he plays in securing the student’s future.

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