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Philippines offers American system of medical education and the Primary Medical qualification is M.D. degree. This qualification is globally recognized including the Medical Council of India. The MD program of Philippines is an unique opportunity to students who have passed 12th standard or equivalent examinations to pursue medical education of International standards. The period of medical study in Philippines is 5 years and 4 months, inclusive of 1 year of premedical study.

The degree offered is MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. The course module is meticulously engineered that Indian students qualify the Pre – Medical (BS Bio accelerated Program) the pre requisite for the Medical studies (MD) in Philippines. Transworld facilitates easy entry procedures including visa applications processing to qualify the Pre- Medical (Bs Bio accelerated Program) the pre requisite for the Medical studies (MD) and continue the MD program.

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Philippines has many unique advantages as a study abroad destination. And the medical schools here are well equipped and resourced. We have successfully placed hundreds of students into their various renowned education institutions in India and Philippines. Download

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  • overseas MBBS admission consultant in Chennai

  • Many individuals have a dream to serve as doctors. The basic degree required for becoming a recognized doctor is MBBS. There are many reasons, why an individual thinks of flying abroad for such courses. But, making a wise decision, in regard to them can be tough. The Overseas MBBS Admission Consultant can be a solution for such problems.
  • These Overseas Admission Consultants have websites, which feature some basic in formations, about some quality overseas destinations that may offer such courses, suitable for Indian students. To evaluate and understand each and every aspect of abroad study, assistance of such overseas MBBS admission consultant becomes essential.
  • True information
  • When, we are studying or perceiving about future opportunities, our assumptions and predictions might prove wrong, because we are not exposed to the practical world. People, hence need assistance of Overseas MBBS Admission Consultant in Chennai, to assist individuals by facilitating them some essential and true in formations. The Overseas MBBS Admission Consultant tend to facilitate various insights on placements, cost, scope, advantages, disadvantages, past results, reputation, etc.
  • Preparation
  • An individual has to remain prepared for big opportunities. They do not knock the door again and again. Considering can keep you prepared to match the requirements of the same. It may be academically through aggregate percentages of your 10th or equivalent marks, 12th or equivalent marks and so on. It also allows you to remain prepared of the expenses, you may incur in during admission.
  • Good facilitate some rough cost estimates, which comprises fees and living cost to help individuals select overseas destination, based on their affordability.
  • Options
  • The Overseas MBBS Admission Consultant in Chennai, guide you through all available options. This allows an individual analyze various overseas options, which is most apt for his/her objectives and growth. Also, provide different options, within an identified country. This ensures an individual makes a decision, after analyzing all possibilities from the practical status, facilitated by Overseas MBBS Admission Consultant.
  • Academic info
  • Good understand the change in academics between different localities. Hence, these provide detailed academic info, before enrollment, to ensure people realize the contents of their MBBS degree. Accordingly, we can predict the quality and value of such a degree.

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